About Us

Creating a more dog-friendly world involves all hands on deck. 100% of proceeds go towards active campaigns that help create a more dog-friendly world. Current active campaigns you will be supporting by making a purchase through GoDoggo.Shop…
  • Adding more dog-friendly locations
  • It costs us $2.88 to add one dog-friendly location.
  • Finding a location: $2
  • Stickers: $2.21 (each sticker will add an additional 2 locations due seeing a sticker)
  • Companion Program
  • We are currently piloting a Companion Program, which is to help spread the word about us, and dog-friendly locations.
  • Sourcing gift cards: $100/location
  • Sourcing and organizing companions: $20/companion


Our story started in 2015, when our Founder, Aliya, had to choose between two options – going out for dinner with a friend or leaving her dog home alone. 

Wanting only what was best for her dog, she opted for staying home. After years of searching for a solution and launching PawSwap, the app that shows dog-friendly locations such as restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and more, taking the guesswork out of the old age question "are dogs allowed?"

We find locations, (and now with our e-book, apartments) that welcome dogs, and provide you with all of the details that you, as a dog owner, care about. 

PawSwap, the app, is currently being rebranded to GoDoggo, and is the ultimate resource for dog lovers and owners, helping you experience more of life together. 

You deserve to feel good about every decision you make for your dog. Whether it’s bringing your dog with you on an errand, or learning more about the best foods to feed your dogs specific breed, we’re here when you need it the most.

*PawSwap (the app) is currently undergoing a rebrand to match the GoDoggo dog-friendly guides and resources!*