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Welcome to the GoDoggo Shop - the ultimate in adventure-ready gear for you and your furry friend. 

Our mission to create a more dog-friendly world begins with ensuring dog owners have what they need to create a safe dog-friendly environment. Whether it’s adventuring out for a hike, finding the pawfect dog-friendly apartment, making your apartment more dog friendly, or visiting a dog-friendly patio, our online store has everything you need to incorporate your pup into your daily live.

How it works:  We sniff out the best gear for brewery hopping, park adventuring, and restaurant going dog owners. Based on wagging tails and barking reviews, we keep only the top-notch products on our store, ready for you to fetch.
By making a purchase through GoDoggo.Shop, you're contributing towards our mission, to create a more dog friendly world - thank you!

Each of our products are hand picked and recommended by our community, dog owners just like you. Once we gather enough feedback, we add to each product listing a section called "WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT," which includes 4-5 bullet points to help you make the right decision about a product before purchasing.
Located in Canada  🇨🇦, GoDoggo.Shop, your one-stop resource to creating a more dog-friendly life.

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These items have been taste tested and have received tails-up approval from our group of adventure doggos. With only the best of the best making the cut, you can trust that your furry friend will love these products as much as they do.

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Our story started in 2015, when our Founder, Aliya, had to choose between two options – going out for dinner with a friend or leaving her dog home alone. 

Wanting only what was best for her dog, she opted for staying home. After years of searching for a solution and launching PawSwap, the app that shows dog-friendly locations such as restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and more, taking the guesswork out of the old age question "are dogs allowed?"

After hitting the Top 200 Lifestyle Apps in Canada 🇨🇦, PawSwap launched the GoDoggo Store. to provide dog owners with the tools and resources needed to living a more dog-friendly lifestyle.
Products are taste tested by our community, and make it to our online store for a wider audience to enjoy.  

You deserve to feel good about every decision you make for your dog. Whether it’s bringing your dog with you on an errand, or learning more about the best foods to feed your dogs specific breed, we’re here when you need it the most.

*PawSwap (the app) is currently available for iOS users on the Canadian App Store and is undergoing a rebrand to match the GoDoggo dog-friendly guides and resources.

We will be launching the app for Android in February 2023. Join our mailing list to get notified about the launch and to receive updates and special offers.