The Ultimate Hiking Checklist

The Ultimate Hiking Checklist

Going on a hiking trip with your furry friend can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it's important to be prepared. Here's a checklist to make sure you and your dog have a safe and enjoyable time on the trails.


1. Know your dog's limits: Make sure your dog is physically capable of completing the hike, and take breaks as needed.

  • Does your pup easily get tired? Our BYOD Carrier Backpack provides a comfortable and secure way to carry your pooped-out pup while also allowing you to bring along essential supplies
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2. Pack food and treats: Bring enough food, water and treats to last the entire trip, plus a little extra in case of an emergency.

  • Try our Portable Pet Water Bottle: Keeping your dog hydrated is key, especially during physical activity. This compact, lightweight and leak-proof bottle is the perfect solution for days out with your pup.
Portable Pet Water Bottle
Portable Pet Water Bottle from GoDoggo Shop


3. First aid: Bring a basic first aid kit for both you and your dog, including any necessary medications.

  • Always carry a first aid kit when hiking with your dog, as it can come in handy in case of any injuries or emergencies. Make sure it includes bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, a first-aid manual, and any medications that your dog may need.
  • Know basic first aid for dogs: Familiarize yourself with basic first aid for dogs, such as how to stop bleeding, how to care for wounds, and how to recognize signs of heat exhaustion, hypothermia, and other conditions.
  • Check for ticks and fleas: Regularly check your dog for ticks and fleas, as they can carry diseases that can be harmful to your pet. Use a tick and flea repellent to protect your dog.

4. Identification: Make sure your dog has a collar with ID tags and a microchip.

  • Check out our Water-resistant Collar, the patented buckle is not only stylish, but ultra strong as well. 
  • Keep your dog looking and feeling good with our Water-resistant Aquafleece Dog Harness. The adjustable padded harness is made from water-resistant Aquafleece and has a sturdy metal ring to attach your pet's ID tags.
Water resistant Aquafleece Dog Harness
Water-resistant Aquafleece Dog Harness from GoDoggo Shop


5. Check the weather: Know what to expect weather-wise and pack accordingly.

  • In case of unexpected rain or wet conditions, make sure your dog is protected from the elements with our water-resistant Aden Raincoat. With adjustable toggles on the sleeves, your doggo's floof will stay nice and dry under the water-resistant vinyl material.
Yellow Aden Dog Raincoat
Aden Raincoat from GoDoggo Shop
  • Vessi waterproof shoes are a rainy weather hiking essential to keep your feet warm and dry. Try the new 100% Waterproof Stormburst Hiking Sneakers, with the comfort of a sneaker, and the grip and coverage of an outdoor boot.
  •  Keep your furry companion dry and comfortable after a long hike with our Clean & Cozy Towel. Made of durable and highly absorbent materials, this towel will quickly dry off your dog's fur while being gentle on their skin. Say goodbye to damp and muddy pups in the car and head back home with a dry and cozy four-legged friend.
The Clean and Cozy Towel
Clean & Cozy Towel from GoDoggo Shop

6. Leash laws: Familiarize yourself with local leash laws and regulations, and keep your dog on a leash at all times.

  • Make your dog walking experience more comfortable with our Hands-Free Dog Leash. The waist belt and shock-absorbing bungee make it easy on your back and muscles.
 Hands-Free Dog Leash from GoDoggo Shop
  • Perfect for the adventurous pup, our Supersized Dog Leash comes in 4 different lengths, and allows your dog to have extra room to run and jump around.
Supersized Dog Leash
Supersized Dog Leash from GoDoggo Shop

7. Research the trail beforehand:

  • Before heading out on a hiking trip with your dog, it's important to research the trail to ensure that it is suitable for dogs. Some trails may have restrictions or be off-limits to dogs, so make sure to check beforehand.
  • Assess any potential hazards, such as steep inclines or bodies of water to make sure that you and your dog are prepared for any challenges that may arise.


By following this checklist, you and your furry friend will be well-prepared for a safe and enjoyable hiking trip. We'll keep adding to this list as feedback comes in, to let us know your must-have products, let us know on Instagram! So pack up the essentials, hit the trails, and enjoy the adventure with your four-legged friend!

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